Quality Policy

  • STANCHLOR is committed to provide safe and high QUALITY products and services to customers all over the world.
  • As a manufacturer specialized in Chlorinated Paraffin & HCL, we provide products that can meet and deserve customers' satisfaction and trust, both professionally and technically.
  • Keeping QUALITY in mind, we always seek to bring best quality products to customers, by maintaining scrupulous quality control.
  • "QUALITY, COST and DELIVERY"- we always remember to keep a balance between these three aspects in all our business activities.
  • We always seek to maintain effective and efficient quality management systems through continuous improvements to keep them up-to-date.
  • We work on maintenance and development of quality in co-operation with all the people who support STANCHLOR (Suppliers, Customers and all the other business partners.)
  • We act in compliance with laws and regulations, and develop and maintain appropriate environment (including human and other business resources, organizations and education) that we consider to be necessary for maintenance and improvement of QUALITY and review the results of such efforts every year to work on continuous enhancement of QUALITY.

In order to put these Action Guidelines into practice, we ensure that all departments and employees throughout the company understand this quality policy and make unified efforts to fulfil the quality policy. On behalf of the company, I hereby declare that we make sure to perform and realize this quality policy.